Handball Behind the Scenes

Rehearsing for a play can be pretty damn stressful. When you put 15 passionate, creative people in a room together for 4-5 nights a week, for 6 weeks there can be some drama/beef/tension. But (for the most part) that hasn’t been the case with Handball. We’re really having a lot of fun making this thing.

Let’s be clear – there’s a lot of serious work going on. But there’s a lot of clowning going down too. A lot. And if we’re having this much fun making it, imagine how great it’s going to be when it premieres. Better yet, don’t imagine. Buy a ticket and come see for yourself.

Blog4Paul Jullianelli and his mustache clownin’ as “Barry Porkchop”


Spencer Weitzel and David Santana caught by the paparazzi 
Blog1A very sick Spencer Weitzel still comes to work
A rare glimpse of “Crazy Raymond.” Emphasis on “Crazy”
Asst. Stage Manager Kim Gonzalez handling biz
Downtime dance party. Shoutout to ‘Kells